Creation of Video Clips for Various Purposes

VoiceVideoRecords specializes in creating video clips for among other things on tv, websites and YouTube, for example, artists. Pictures say more than words and moving images on the internet often attract the attention of visitors. You can even do a digital transcription of the videos and the images if you want them in the form of text. For striking, powerful video clips VoiceVideoRecords is your partner! The video clips that we make fit your identity and style.

Make a video clip is a nice means to effectively build and maintain more fame as an artist. Today there are many possibilities for a video clip to spread and to reach the right audience.

A video clip with a cinematic character? The feeling of the song, the right atmosphere, lighting and movement, these are the elements for a good video clip. This is our specialty, this keeps the trigger for Viewer and keep your attention. During a conversation we discuss your needs, the right image and possibilities. Then we translate your inquiry to a movie script, to after your approval to enter the production process.

We start with good listening to the single. What is the atmosphere, the message, the content? What do you want to transfer and how do we deal with when we create your video clip?

As an artist you get of course if first to see the preview of your video clip. If desired we apply still matters and can temporary copies and a YouTube copy be made.

Most clips are filmed in 1-2 days, depending on the wishes and the script. Then we are still 2 days at the mount. Hereby we pay much attention to the colors and whatthe atmosphere and intensity of the clip and it will look cinema film rather than a Tvsoap opera.

Each video clip is tailor-made. Video clip costs can range from approximately € 300 euro to more than 1,000 €. These prices are above all depending on the number of operating days, size of the crew and equipment to the video clip.

Do you know enough and want to start a video clip produced by us or do you still have questions? Mail for a quote/quotation. Describe global as the content/story so we have a better picture. Also the locations where you want to go filming are convenient. Have you got any story, content or any locations? We like to think with you.

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